Nolan N-Com Goldwing MCS Intercom System

The new N-Com Goldwing MCS (Motorcycle Communication System) configuration contains everything you need for a plug and play audio solution for your Honda Goldwing: an N103/N90/N43 Basic Kit 2 (stereo speakers, microphone, and connectors) and special Goldwing lower cord which connects directly to your Goldwing motorcycle via the 5 pin connector. This also allows the driver and passenger to use the intercom system supplied with the Goldwing. What makes this configuration unique is that you do not need either a Bluetooth or Intercom E-Box to make it work which reduces the cost!

Purchase Nolan N-Com Goldwing MCS now!

  • Includes the headsets: speakers (stereo), microphones, and connectors as well as lower cords with 5-pin connectors.
  • Plug and play ready, no other items required!
  • Note: If you decide to upgrade and add either a Bluetooth or Intercom E-Box, you would need to purchase the Goldwing wire which is available separately and will function with an E-Box, the Basic Kit 2 that comes with the MCS system would still work when the system is upgraded.
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