Nolan N-Com Communication System

What do you need? The first thing to determine is whether you want to go wireless, or, go with a wired system and if you want to communicate with a passenger. The wireless system will be more expensive than a wired system but with wireless you gain an extensive feature set. Click the links below to learn more about what is required:

Driver/Passenger Only Driver + Passenger
N-Com Wired N-Com Wired Intercom
N-Com Bluetooth Wireless N-Com Wireless Bluetooth Intercom
N-Com Wired (optional for Honda Goldwing) N-Com Hybrid Bluetooth Intercom
N-Com Wired (optional for Harley Davidson) N-Com Wired Intercom (optional for Honda Goldwing)
N-Com Wired Intercom (optional for Harley Davidson)

Mobile Phone Wires N-Com GPS Wires N-Com Bluetooth GPS
MP3/CD/Bike/Midland & Alan Radio Wires

Thanks to the N-Com modular communication system, you can always stay in touch with the outside world: no matter where you are, whether you are riding your bike or your scooter, you can communicate with your passenger, with other motorcycles or use your cell phone. It is also possible to listen to music through your MP3 player, connect to a GPS navigator, or to the audio system of your motorcycle (BMW, Honda Goldwing, Harley Davidson). The N-Com® Bluetooth 2 E-Box system is equipped with Bluetooth A2DP profile, which allows you to listen in high quality stereo to a Bluetooth device, mobile phone, or MP3 player fitted with A2DP.
  • N-Com satisfies all your needs of communication between rider and passenger, either by cable or “wireless” thanks to the Bluetooth technology.
  • N-Com is easy to install into the N-Com models: Nolan N103 and N102 (flip up helmets), N84 (full face), N43, N42, and N42E are already preset for installation.
  • Certified quality: Nolan N-Com helmets are ECE/ONU 22-05 certified with the N-Com communication system installed.
  • Guaranteed future: N-Com is easy to transfer from one Nolan helmet to another. In this way you can go on using your N-Com system, even if you get a new Nolan helmet.
  • Comfort: The Nolan N-Com systems are perfectly integrated in the preset Nolan N-Com helmets, thus guaranteeing high comfort and the best audio quality.

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